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Friday, August 27, 2010

Jelly G-Spot

I want to start posting here more, for those of you who use blogger instead of always on Eden Fantasys like myself. I posted a new review toy, finishing up my reviews for, Pipedream. *coughyuckcough*

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Silicone Feel Lubricant

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted here, huh! I sure miss it. I'm active over on Eden Fantasys, but I haven't been posting my new reviews to this blog. With just being off my medicine this month, I'm still expierencing a lack-there-of sex drive. I'm not sure what's going on, but I sure hope to have it back asap.

I'm reviewing the H20 Personal Lubricant Silky Smooth 'Silicone Feel' from JO for Women. System JO has quite a few different products to please him and her including lubes, massage oils, and clitoral stimulation gels. I've got reviews of both of those products on my Eden Fantasys :) (My Eden Reviews)

To start off with, this lubricant is water based, meaning that it's safe with all toys - silicone, jelly, etc. This lessens the worry of grabbing your favorite silicone toy and ruining it with a silicone based lube. For those with sensitive skin or allergies, this lube does contain a few parabens.

The Claim:
'Formulated specially for Women. Enhance your sense of pleasure. A silky, smooth feeling, never sticky or tacky. Long lasting, fragrance free. Latex Safe, washes off easily.'

This lubricant does give you that silky, smooth feeling. You use the pump on the top, very convenient and spill-proof, to get whatever amount you desire. Sadly, my pump was broken, but no worries, I just opened it and took enough to cover the very top part of three of my fingers, definitely less than a dime size amount. I normally don't use lubes when beginning to play because I like the feeling it gives me without, taking the time to get myself lubed up enough naturally. With this, I just rubbed the lube on the toy which was somewhat bigger for me, and it slide right in. I was very surprised with the ease that this lube gave me. So whether you're using it for a big toy, a partner, fingers, or anal play, this lube will work for just about anything.

It says never sticky or tacky. While applying the lube and using it during masturbation, it never got sticky or tacky. I never had to add anymore the whole time, but after I was done my fingers felt a little.. like they had a little give. After using it a few more times, I realized that this was from rubbing the lube on my toy and then using it. I used it alone on the top of my hand and it never got tacky at all.

I don't use condoms, but with this water based lubricant, it is silky enough to not bother a condom at all, therefore not making it break, tear, etc.

There was no smell, as stated. I also tasted it and it has a little.. 'tang' to it. Like something sweet, but only for like .5 seconds as your tongue touches it. It's not noticeable at all unless you're testing it on your hand, but I wanted to mention that part. No nasty smells or aftertaste.

And last but not least, this product washes off as simple as that. If it weren't for why you were using this lube (sex, masterbation, etc lol) you could use just water and a damp cloth to get the product off, but of course using some soap to clean up, it comes right off.

This is definitely something that I would recommend to anyone who needs a good lube. It's water based, latex safe, frangrance free, and gives you exactly what you need - what more could you ask for!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

System JO Massage Oil

Here's my newest review on the Lavender Massage Oil!

Friday, July 16, 2010

A few new reviews!

Hey everyone! I'm back, I'm back! I've just decided to submit my reviews that were waiting to be published. This has nothing to do with my mentor, @TheVieuxCarre is an amazingly sweet person, but Eden Fantasys is fucking her around and around and I'm tired of waiting on them. Eden is a great place, but she's had quite a few problems with them lately and I don't think its fair for either of us to sit around. And hey, I miss reviewing. I have a few waiting to be wrote as well :) So here they are, go check 'em out!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Giftcard = Vaginal Exercisers!

Hey! I'm still here. My mentor has been quite busy so my reviews are on hold, but I'm still around :) It's okay because I've been going through lots of drama with my anxiety, weening off one medicine, and getting on another. Day by day I get a little better, symptom wise, and I do think this new medicine is starting to work a little! Anyway!

I went onto EdenFantasys and seen I had a message. Eden actually sent me a $25 gift card for the big mix-up last month when something happened and they tried blaming us students and I kindly told them that I knew what I was doing and that they messed up. However, they fixed the problem and I got to order a new toy, which was a very nice act!

So, low and behold, I ordered me a pair of Crystal Balls :) Yum, haha.

I can't wait to try them out! What's your experience which vaginal exercisers?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Still Here!

Hey ladies and gents :)

I'm just posting a quick blog to let you know I'm still around. I've been pretty busy 'offline', not really going anywhere, but trying to get myself together. I'm not sure if I'm mentioned it on this blog before, but I've been battling an anxiety disorder for quite a few months now and things have just been getting hard. I went back to my psychiatrist yesterday and am being weened off one medicine, raised another medicine to three times a day, and starting a new medicine twice a day. Just trying to get my head together. I'll be back to reviewing asap! I'm definitely not gone and I surely miss the sex blogging world! :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I was asked by someone from Pipedream to remove the emails. While I do not believe they are a lawyer and while I do know that posting emails with no disclaimers is NOT illegal. I was politely asked and will politely remove them. I'm sorry, but your harassment was not the correct way to ask me. Had you treated me fairly, since YOU didn't tell me those rules, I would have complied.

However, I still have my opinion. I was never, ever told of the "positive review or no review" policy, he admitted that, yet I'm still 'punished', in a way, for it. I do not suggest you do business with this company, who is withholding ALL negative reviews so that you will still buy their products.

My reviews will not be removed. Pipedream asked me to review those products and that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm still here to do my "job" as a reviewer and will review those products & then no longer 'support' the company.

No more will be said after this post. I'm done.

Monday, June 28, 2010


A quick notice, the review spoken about in this conversation is NOT and will not be taken down. The EF website messed something up. It will be posted as soon as it's re-approved.

Before you even start reading this blog post, please remember that I am not here to bash, bitch, complain, etc. I was never in the "reviewing business" for that reason. I'm am here, as a reviewer, to HELP companies get their products out there. To HELP people who may like a product see if it suits them. I just.. I'm speechless. Please read these emails, please be aware that I DID support this company, but will no longer support this company. I will finish the reviews that I was sent TO REVIEW as I mentioned when I contacted them. Then I'll work with them, no longer.

I spoke with an advanced reviewer to see if what I thought was right, was right. To make sure I wasn't bullshitting myself. So, here's this blog..

This is long, but PLEASE read and pass this on.
I don't have the beginning emails, but this came about when I came across Pipedream on Twitter. I simply asked if they needed reviewers and they send to shoot them an email.

Removed, read next blog.

He then asked me if I could send the item numbers so it would be easier for him to find the products, I did - no problem. He said thank you and I'll send you the tracking number as soon as I get it. Very courteous. No problem at all.

Removed, read next blog.

I sent a quick email:
I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I am working on my reviews. I'm currently in a Mentor/Student process on Eden Fantasys, so all of my reviews are submitted to an advanced reviewer to make sure I'm writing quality reviews! I have two done so far and will let you know as soon as she publishes them, and more!"

He then asked me "Wait, you're publishing the reviews to Eden?" I said yes, provided him with the link and told him that his company name is what the product review and ask if it was okay. 

A friend of mine, after I REFERRED HER to Pipedream for their awesome customer service, told me that they replied and told her because she had posted a negative review on someone else's product, they wouldn't want to send her items for that reason. So I knew when I received a reply, something big was going to happen.


Removed, read next blog.

Notice this next post, I quoted his hundred of dollars mention.

Removed, read next blog.

And here's the point where I simply stopped emailing with him. I was utterly and completely at a loss for any words, whatsoever. I, as a reviewer, am not going to NOT post a review with the good and the bad so that someone else can WASTE their money (notice he wasn't upset about that) on products that won't work for them.

I'm... speechless.

Sex Toy: Tongue Tickler

As you all know, my reviews are currently undergoing a student/mentor process to make sure that I right good reviews for you, the potential buyers and enjoy-ees? (lol) of these products, as well as for the wonderful company who supplies these products for our pleasure! Well, my first review for Pipedream has been posted, make sure you go check it out! They are a great company with some great reviews (and great customer service!) - there's still 9 more reviews to come!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Peek A Boo

Sometimes, when you're sleeping, your significant other likes to sneak up on you. Happy Surprise Sunday. Yes, I just made that up to post this picture, but who cares. Enjoy :)

This is also a post to let you know, reviews are coming! I currently have four awaiting approval. I'm a student in the student/mentor program on Eden Fantasys, go check it out! VieuxCarre is my mentor, check her reviews out too! :) And don't forget to check out my wishlist for her store, you even get a discount code!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pipedream Toys!

First, I want to apologize for being gone for so long. I know that's super cliche, but I've just had a bad week this week. I haven't even been in the mood for sex lately, which sucks. My sex drive has went way down thanks to my stupid medicine (which I plan on talking to my psychiatrist about, but any suggestions are highly welcome) but I've had a little bit of drive, except for this week. Depression is setting in and I can't let it get to me.

So what makes for a better day than showing off all the sex toys that I get to review? All of these products were provided by for review. I'm not getting paid in anyway, I just like sex toys and helping companies! :) Feel free to pick which one you think I should try first!

If you can't tell, I'm really into rabbits.. and finding my GSpot. These are definitely some reviews I'm looking forward to! I don't have anything like what I received and I'm trying to get caught up asap!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reviews To Come!

Today I received a package for review in the mail from System Jo 'creates the finest quality personal lubricants and sensual enhancement products available.' I want to show you what I have coming up for reviews and let me know if you have any questions while I'm reviewing these products!

The package came pretty discreetly shipped. It does have "System JO" on the outside of the box, but unless you're around someone who deals with sex toys, no one will know a thing :) Discreet shipping is always the best shipping.. although now that I've told my grandma what I do, she always says 'is that another sex toy?' Oh the things that I should keep my mouth shut about, haha. Anyway!

What I also liked about the package was the packing tape. It says "WARNING: This carton has been sealed with pilfer proof tape." The tape has all types of string and stuff holding it together underneath and obviously you wouldn't want to use something on your body if it had been opened. Very smart idea!

Now I've been struggling with anxiety for awhile now. With anxiety comes medicine and with anxiety medicine comes SSDI's. The stupidest, dumbest, most foul side effect that comes with SSDI's is lack of sex drive. I used to be a crazy, hella nympho and lately.. it just hasn't been there. (I am going to talk to my psychiatrist when I go back!) So I picked out two products to try! I'm curious to see if they help!

Now I got a few surprises, they also threw in a few other products to try. So far, I'm actually iffy on these. The Banana flavor was very bitter when I tasted it quickly and the Lavender Massage Glide didn't have the greatest smell, but as I try these products out, I will surely let you know my full opinion!

H2O Personal Lubricant

Lavender Massage Glide, personal lube, & skin/tattoo conditioner.

H2O Banana Lick Flavored Lubricant

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

iStimulate.. who doesn't like that!

As I stated previously.. or maybe that was on Twitter.. anyway, I've been working on Eden Fantasys for a few weeks now. I recently became a student on Eden Fantasys and got a mentor, the lovely Vieux Carre. I've wrote my first review while being a student, submitted it, edited it with her help, and now it's been published. Go check it out! I'm very excited and I hope you find it helpful!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Questions for iVibe?

Alright, so a few days ago I posted the toy that I'm currently reviewing, the iKit iVibe x5. I've had a few moments with it so far so I'm going to start writing my review. It's going to take me a little bit since there are five pieces with it, but I want to get everything put together so that I don't miss anything. I'm working on my reviewing skills :) I'm excited to get this review done and sent in to my mentor, VieuxCarre.

So as I said, I'll have a few more days, is there anything specific that you'd like me to answer, try out, etc with the iVibe? Anything at all, I will try to get answered for you while I'm doing my review on it. Let me know!

Friday, June 11, 2010

iKit iVibe x5

That's a pretty catchy name, right? The packaging also caught my eye when I opened it. This is the iKit i Vibe x5 from Eden Fantasys. Here within the next week, I will be trying out each piece of this toy, as there are five pieces, and when I'm done I'll be linking my Eden Fantasys review to this blog, so make sure you watch out for it. I know I'm excited to review this lovely toy!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sex Toy Shop: Wishlist And More!

Breaking the Mold of the Ordinary, doesn't that already sound good? Anything original and out of the ordinary is always going to be interesting and something I know I want to get into. Being different, out of the ordinary, is amazing and that's what makes us all who we are. Breaking the Mold of the Ordinary is a Sex Toy Shop hosted on Eden Fantasys, owned by the lovely @TheVieuxCarre.

This shop features sex toys from G-Spot Vibrators to Pocket Rockets and more 'out of the ordinary' sexual items like collars, corsets, flogging toys, and suspension kits. I know it gets me excited just talking about it. I'm going to go through these 100+ items and pick out a few things I know I'd like to try. In the end, I've got a code for you to get some percentage off of your purchases :) All pictures belong to their rightful owners!

To find these items, simply set Breaking the Mold of the Ordinary's products to "Sort By: Price (from low to high)". This will make all the items on my wishlist go in order :)

Pink Play Heart Paddle

Lipstick Vibrator

Inked Vibes Superslim

Rainbow Mega Nubby

5-in-1 finger vibe 5x

Bent Graduate (I've yet to hit my G-Spot!)

Fresh Wrist & Ankle Restraints

Harmonia - Another G-Spot Vibrator!

Hitachi Magic Want Vibrator (Heard many rave reviews!)

Reversible Satin Corset

Under the Bed Restraint System

High Roller

Last, but not least, the Divine Playchest! Perfect Name.

All of these products are available in Breaking the Mold of the Ordinary's store and while I can't say I've tried any of them, there are reviews on every single product listed here (and the rest of the products in the store) that you can check out and read for yourself. Let me know what you want!

If you order from this store, use the code FQB for 15% off! I do not get paid for this post, for you buying anything, etc. I was simply shown this store and was in love with it. I had to show my readers what their missing!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Anonymous Once Again!

Hey ladies and gents, those of you who follow me or maybe even just read, I've got a post coming up tomorrow featuring a corset that I received, but I just wanted to let you know that I've chose to become anonymous again. After having words with a few friends, I've decided it's best for myself and my safety. So those of you who do know who I am, please don't reveal it. I will of course let companies know who I am to an extent, or I'll have a way to show them that I'm of course real, but I'm not going to put myself out here as it is the internet and sex is a very.. strong world :) Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My first Eden Fantasys Review!

Woah, sorry for the lack of posts. I just got over being pretty sick for two days, so I'm catching myself up with everything. Anyway, I wanted to post a link, I wrote my first Eden Fantasys review. I know there's a lot of controversy with them right now and whatnot, but I'm a little more grown up and am looking past that to do what I enjoy; reviewing sex toys :) So I hope you check it out and let me know if you have any I can read and rate!

You can click on that link and it'll take you to my review. Make sure you let me know if there's something more I could be adding, something I said too much of, etc. I hope to be an 'advanced reviewer' with sex toys and I want to get you the best experience with reading them and picking out your own :)

The particular toy I got was actually from, I just wanted to make that clear. I was contacted by an Eden Fantasys rep and was told I could write reviews and as long as the item was alike that it'd be okay. My item is the butterfly rabbit, which I've got another review of right here.. and you can buy it on LeLuv right here :) Enjoy!

P.S. Up in the top left of the sidebar, there's a link to a sex toy store. I'm not getting paid to post it, mention it, and I don't get paid if you buy anything from it, just doing a friend a favor and posted the link for it. Let me know if you check her out and also if you need any ads shown as well!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stays Wet Longer: Shave Cream & Lubricants

Yesterday, I got a package in the mail from, also known as @WetTogether on Twitter, and I'm already in love. I'm just letting you know what you have to look forward to since I haven't had time to "test" them out yet, but I'm so excited to! All of the following pictures belong to*

This smells amazing and I haven't even used it yet :)

(Mine has a different label, will explain in review!)
I actually had to use this to get my ring of to dye my hair, amazing!

(Mine has a different label, will explain in review!)

(Again, different label than mine, will explain!)
I can't wait to try this!

I also received two sample packages each of the Synergy Cool Tingle and the Synergy Water and Silicone lubricant.

I will go into way more details about the products, their uses, how they feel and smell, water or oil based, etc when I do the reviews on them. If you have any questions you'd like to know before I review them, just leave it in the comments!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quick Note

Hello! Quick side note. I just wanted to let everyone know that I put a little note in the sidebar. I know this blog is new, but I don't want that to scare you away. If you have any doubts, please feel free to email me. I'm only keeping my identity hidden from a few people and I will gladly send you links to or emails from my "real" blog and email just so you know I'm not a spammer.

Besides that, I look forward to pleasing all of you and your blogs already please me!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Here's my question of the day for guys or girls. We all have our favorite way to be sexual, whether it be solo, with a partner, or with multiple partners. Maybe a legit favorite and and than a fantasy 'position' to be in. Come on, we all have something in mind :) You're just as anonymous as I am, let's get the comments going. Maybe we can try each other's ideas in the end!

My favorite position to just to be fucked and to be fucked hard. I love when my boyfriend pulls my hair and chokes me. I love it when he pins me down on the bed and fucks me as hard as he can. I mean, he knows how far he can go, but it's just so sexy. And don't get me wrong, I do the same thing to him and he loves it :)

My fantasy position would probably include another person. Guy or girl, it would just depend. This is probably something I would never actually do, but it's something I've always wondered how it would go. Just having sex with my boyfriend while I'm pleasing the other girl whose making out with my boyfriend. Or just simply having some fun with her with a strap on or my mouth while my boyfriend watches. Mm, it just makes me tingle to know how much that would please him. Hey, we all have those little dreams.

What's your favorite?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Review: Butterfly Vibrator

The toy I'm reviewing in this post is the Wireless Strap-On Butterfly Vibrator. This toy comes in purple, blue, or pink and as I've said before, it's always nice to be able to personalize a personal item!

Shipping: Shipping was great. The item shipped a day later than my previous toy (you can view that review here), but that's only because it was probably shipped later than the mail ran. My toy came very quickly and I was very happy with customer service yet again.

Packaging: Packaging was just as nice as my last toy. The butterfly vibrator came in the discreet white envelope through the regular mail, just like last time. (No suspicious 'what'd you get' when the big UPS truck comes with packages) The toy was wrapped up very nicely in the bubble wrap, foamy paper, and air-tight sealed packaging just like my last toy and this time it also came in a cute, little, velvety, purple bag. Since there are a few pieces (the toy itself, the wireless remote, the bullet that goes in the toy - batteries included) it definitely came in handy already!

Details: This toy is pretty simple to put together and handle. The one thing I didn't like is putting the 'bullet' into the main part of the toy because the hole in which you put the bullet in is really small. I could hardly open it enough to fit the bullet in, but in the end I got it inside.

Unlike the rabbit vibrator I reviewed last time, the butterfly vibrator is very quiet. You could use it even if someone was sleeping 4 feet away from you. I simply went into the bathroom, slipped it on (very stretchy 'straps' will fit just about any size or shape I'm sure) with my baggy sweatpants and wallah. I was able to walk back to my room and no one could tell any difference. I made sure to check and it didn't even bulge; very hidden which is a huge plus added on to the 'silent' vibrations!

There is a 3 to 4 inch insertable 'dildo' I guess you could call it. It's very firm and faces up a little bit. It's supposed to hit your G-Spot, however, I didn't reach that with this toy (I never have.) But remember, this can vary as each female is built as differently on the inside as we are on the outside. The nose and antennae of the butterfly are supposed to stimulate your clitoris, however, that didn't work for me either. I was pleased with this toy, but as it's not adjustable, I just don't think it fit me correctly.

Settings: The settings on the butterfly vibrator are as simple as ever. You simply use the wireless remote's on and off switch. It's the same button, so very easy to find even if you aren't looking. The remote reaches up to 20 feet in range, so if you were to use this with a partner as some type of foreplay, that's definitely attainable. Otherwise, using this toy solo, you can just use the vibrations that come from the toy and your hand to stimulate yourself. This would definitely be a plus for those of you who like to use vibrators when pleasing yourself, much easier!

Cleaning: This toy is very easy to clean. The straps are made of a thinner material that would be easy to clean and dry. The bullet inside the toy has a string on the end and you can pull that out to clean. The casing (of the bullet) is firm and I don't believe would let water inside, however, I wouldn't submerge it, ha. And then the main part of the toy (with the butterfly) could be simply washed as it's just the firm plastic part of the toy.

Overall, I'd give the butterfly vibrator a 3 out of 5. I was definitely happy with the toy itself, the way it worked, the vibrations, and the way you're able to use it solo, but it simple did not fit me right. I would recommend trying the product for anyone who likes solo time or extra fun with a partner. It may or may not fit you, but you'll find some way or another to make it work, I did :)

You can purchase this product at, I was sent this for free to review, but it's definitely 100% my opinion :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Review: Rabbit Vibrator

The rabbit sex toy I'm reviewing today is one of many different types. This one in particular is the Throbbing Butterfly Rabbit Vibrator in Pink from LeLuv. That's one good thing to start off with, you get to pick from pink, blue, purple, and white (all transparent). When picking out a personal item such as a sex toy, picking your own color makes it that much more personal and when we're talking about rabbit sex toys, how much more personal can you get.

Shipping: When ordering any item you always want to know about shipping. I won my sex toy on Sunday night, was told it would ship out Monday from Arizona, and it arrived here, all the way to Ohio, by Wednesday. Amazing shipping. Good customer service as well, anything I said answered well under 24 hours.

Packaging: I'll work from the outside in. I was happy to see that my rabbit sex toy came in the regular mail. I live with my grandma and my aunt, both of whom normally go "WHAT'D YOU GET" when UPS comes, haha. However, with the white envelope from Shipping Department, Gamma Distributing (notice: no Le Luv name - very discreet) coming in the mail, no one said anything. When opening the package, I was a little disappointed with packaging. Normally with a rabbit sex toy, or any item for that matter, you expect the normal - boxed packaging. However, as I dug further into it, I was happier. The item was wrapped in a foam type paper, bubble wrap, and then air tight sealed in plastic.

Details: This toy comes with "7 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation" and 6 speeds of "rotation, vibration, pearls, and piston action" and takes 4 AA batteries. This rabbit sex toy in particular is large, almost too large for me. I was able to use it and be comfortable, but while using it with my partner, if it went in to far/fast, then it began to hurt a little. I have only been with one person and do not usually use sex toys. I enjoy feeling 'full' and I enjoyed this toy, however, possibly using another toy or having sex before hand will help if you're "tight" like me. Everyone is a different size and shape so no one toy is going to be the same for every person.

The pulsing, vibrations, and rotation (of the toy itself as well as the pearls) are amazing. When using the rabbit sex toy alone, if you can find the right position and get comfortable, it feels just as if you're having sex and having your partner thrusting back and forth inside you. You can go here to see live video of the toy itself moving. Now nothing will compare to the real thing, but I'd say this baby is a big deal.. literally (:

Settings: The settings on this sex toy are very easy to learn and use. You'll have no need to stop or look down to see what you're pushing once you get used to how the toy works. There is a top button that turns the rabbit sex toy on and off, a middle button that controls the vibrations and vibrations settings in the butterfly that stimulates your clitoris (amazing little detail there if you can get it in far enough!), and a vertical button on either side of both of those. The left side will turn the power of the thrusting, rotation of the pearls, and piston action down and the right side will turn those babies up!

Cleaning: The rabbit sex toy, as with any sex toy, will obviously need to be cleaned. The toy itself is made out of a gel material and works fine using a mild soap and some warm water to clean off. You always want to make sure to clean off any sex toy so that you don't get any infections.

All in all, I'd give this product a 4 out of 5, just because the toy is just about too big for me and it's a bit noisy. Any bigger and I wouldn't have been able to use it, but still a ..pleasant size (: And the vibrations aren't THAT noisy, but if you were to use it in the same room as someone else quietly, I'm not sure it'd be quiet enough depending on how heavy a sleep they are (: Of course, this rabbit sex toy isn't made to be quiet, it's made to be powerful and amazing. I didn't purchase this item (note: I won's contest) but I would not regret buying it at all!

Check out Le Luv on Twitter; @LeLuvDotCom, their giveaways are amazing, don't miss your chance to try out a product or go to and pick out something else of your liking. They also sell other women's sex toys, men's sex toys, corsets, lingerie.. they've got something you'll like!

Hello Sex World!

I'm so excited to join the sex blogging community. I've already met so many amazing people and this just gives me the opportunity to meet more ladies and men, plus to work with anything sexual. Uhm, can you say hello dream 'hobby'. Who doesn't like talking about anything sex? While not everyone is as open as others, it's still a fun subjects and there's never topics to run out of.

I'm not going to tell you much about me. I'm trying to keep this blog a little.. "private", not that I mind you learning more about me, but er.. not sure my grandma or mom would like hearing about my little stories :) So for now, I'm a female, I've been in a relationship for almost 4 years, I've graduated high school, but haven't went to college yet. I'm very honest and open, I love anyone whose sweet. Trust is a key thing for me. And I'm one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Even if what you want to talk about isn't 'sex' related, I'm here :) If you've got any questions, be sure to ask them!

In the next few days, I'll be posting a few reviews feauturing items from LeLuv, whom I've got the pleasure of working with. Make sure you go check out their website and see if you can find something you like. And hey, if you've got questions about any products, let me know. I can get information for you and I might even be able to get an item to review!