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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reviews To Come!

Today I received a package for review in the mail from System Jo 'creates the finest quality personal lubricants and sensual enhancement products available.' I want to show you what I have coming up for reviews and let me know if you have any questions while I'm reviewing these products!

The package came pretty discreetly shipped. It does have "System JO" on the outside of the box, but unless you're around someone who deals with sex toys, no one will know a thing :) Discreet shipping is always the best shipping.. although now that I've told my grandma what I do, she always says 'is that another sex toy?' Oh the things that I should keep my mouth shut about, haha. Anyway!

What I also liked about the package was the packing tape. It says "WARNING: This carton has been sealed with pilfer proof tape." The tape has all types of string and stuff holding it together underneath and obviously you wouldn't want to use something on your body if it had been opened. Very smart idea!

Now I've been struggling with anxiety for awhile now. With anxiety comes medicine and with anxiety medicine comes SSDI's. The stupidest, dumbest, most foul side effect that comes with SSDI's is lack of sex drive. I used to be a crazy, hella nympho and lately.. it just hasn't been there. (I am going to talk to my psychiatrist when I go back!) So I picked out two products to try! I'm curious to see if they help!

Now I got a few surprises, they also threw in a few other products to try. So far, I'm actually iffy on these. The Banana flavor was very bitter when I tasted it quickly and the Lavender Massage Glide didn't have the greatest smell, but as I try these products out, I will surely let you know my full opinion!

H2O Personal Lubricant

Lavender Massage Glide, personal lube, & skin/tattoo conditioner.

H2O Banana Lick Flavored Lubricant

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