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Monday, May 24, 2010


Here's my question of the day for guys or girls. We all have our favorite way to be sexual, whether it be solo, with a partner, or with multiple partners. Maybe a legit favorite and and than a fantasy 'position' to be in. Come on, we all have something in mind :) You're just as anonymous as I am, let's get the comments going. Maybe we can try each other's ideas in the end!

My favorite position to just to be fucked and to be fucked hard. I love when my boyfriend pulls my hair and chokes me. I love it when he pins me down on the bed and fucks me as hard as he can. I mean, he knows how far he can go, but it's just so sexy. And don't get me wrong, I do the same thing to him and he loves it :)

My fantasy position would probably include another person. Guy or girl, it would just depend. This is probably something I would never actually do, but it's something I've always wondered how it would go. Just having sex with my boyfriend while I'm pleasing the other girl whose making out with my boyfriend. Or just simply having some fun with her with a strap on or my mouth while my boyfriend watches. Mm, it just makes me tingle to know how much that would please him. Hey, we all have those little dreams.

What's your favorite?

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