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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stays Wet Longer: Shave Cream & Lubricants

Yesterday, I got a package in the mail from, also known as @WetTogether on Twitter, and I'm already in love. I'm just letting you know what you have to look forward to since I haven't had time to "test" them out yet, but I'm so excited to! All of the following pictures belong to*

This smells amazing and I haven't even used it yet :)

(Mine has a different label, will explain in review!)
I actually had to use this to get my ring of to dye my hair, amazing!

(Mine has a different label, will explain in review!)

(Again, different label than mine, will explain!)
I can't wait to try this!

I also received two sample packages each of the Synergy Cool Tingle and the Synergy Water and Silicone lubricant.

I will go into way more details about the products, their uses, how they feel and smell, water or oil based, etc when I do the reviews on them. If you have any questions you'd like to know before I review them, just leave it in the comments!

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