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Thursday, June 3, 2010

My first Eden Fantasys Review!

Woah, sorry for the lack of posts. I just got over being pretty sick for two days, so I'm catching myself up with everything. Anyway, I wanted to post a link, I wrote my first Eden Fantasys review. I know there's a lot of controversy with them right now and whatnot, but I'm a little more grown up and am looking past that to do what I enjoy; reviewing sex toys :) So I hope you check it out and let me know if you have any I can read and rate!

You can click on that link and it'll take you to my review. Make sure you let me know if there's something more I could be adding, something I said too much of, etc. I hope to be an 'advanced reviewer' with sex toys and I want to get you the best experience with reading them and picking out your own :)

The particular toy I got was actually from, I just wanted to make that clear. I was contacted by an Eden Fantasys rep and was told I could write reviews and as long as the item was alike that it'd be okay. My item is the butterfly rabbit, which I've got another review of right here.. and you can buy it on LeLuv right here :) Enjoy!

P.S. Up in the top left of the sidebar, there's a link to a sex toy store. I'm not getting paid to post it, mention it, and I don't get paid if you buy anything from it, just doing a friend a favor and posted the link for it. Let me know if you check her out and also if you need any ads shown as well!

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